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Working From Home? Why You Should Use A VPN Series – Part 1

In this three-part series, worldwide technical support service provider McHelper addresses the safety concerns of millions of business people who have had to make the abrupt transition to working remotely.  The COVID-19 pandemic has forced most of the American business community to make the transition to a work-from-home environment. With most companies ill-prepared for a pandemic, employees are having to navigate new waters, leaving their employers and themselves vulnerable to cybercrime.  In part one of the series, we discuss VPN or Virtual Private Networking. A VPN adds a security layer … Continue reading

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Microsoft Windows Support Not Needed To Add Start Menu, Button

If you don’t like the lack of a Start Button and Start Menu on Windows 8, you shouldn’t need to contact Microsoft Windows Support to bring back these familiar friends from Windows 7 and previous Windows operating systems. A number of apps are available to add a Start Menu and Button for you. Classic Shell is a free program that was first developed to address complaints about the Start Menu for Windows Vista. Classic Shell has since been updated so it can be used with Windows 8.

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Learn Windows 8 Basics To Avoid Calling Microsoft Windows Support

Many people have discovered that upgrading to Windows 8 is not as simple as previous upgrades. Before calling for Microsoft Windows support, try to learn some basics to help speed up the transition for you. One of the first things new users of Windows 8 notice is that it is missing the traditional Start button. Windows 7 just used a logo in the lower-left corner, but it functioned much in the same way as the previous versions of Windows. In Windows 8, there is no “Start button,” but instead you … Continue reading

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Be Wary Of Unsolicited Microsoft Windows Support Calls

Have you or someone you know received a call from someone claiming to be from Microsoft Windows support? Don’t take it seriously. In this age of modern technology, scammers are finding increasingly creative ways to take advantage of unsuspecting consumers. These scammers love to prey on the fears of people who don’t have the technical expertise to protect themselves. In this latest scam, the perpetrator calls someone and claims to be from Microsoft Windows Support. He tells the unsuspecting person that her computer has been infected with some malicious software … Continue reading

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Microsoft Windows Support Available to All

Microsoft Windows support is available to everyone who feels they could use a hand. When Microsoft made Windows 7 available for everyone to upgrade from an older operating system, it seemed like the greatest thing to hit our PC’s since Windows XP. The very next year, people were ready to get support for Windows 8. When it comes to technology, there always seems to be an upgrade available. Rather than buy a brand new computer, it’s often  more cost effective to just upgrade your operating system. It’s okay if you … Continue reading

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