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Microsoft Windows Support Not Needed To Add Start Menu, Button

If you don’t like the lack of a Start Button and Start Menu on Windows 8, you shouldn’t need to contact Microsoft Windows Support to bring back these familiar friends from Windows 7 and previous Windows operating systems. A number of apps are available to add a Start Menu and Button for you.

Classic Shell is a free program that was first developed to address complaints about the Start Menu for Windows Vista. Classic Shell has since been updated so it can be used with Windows 8.

Options include being able to choose from a menu that looks like something from Windows 98, XP, or Vista/Windows 7. Like most of these apps, Classic Shell is very customizable.  Classic Shell also includes Classic Internet Explorer and Classic Explorer, but you can choose to skip those options if all you are interested in as a Start Menu and Button.

Another free software for adding a Start Menu and Button to Windows 8 is Pokki. This software tries to combine familiar elements of the previous Start Menus with its own improvements. These include apps that allow you to add widgets for things like Gmail or Facebook or notifications for Tweets or other apps so Pokki adds popular characteristics of smartphones and tablets.

Apps can help you avoid calling Microsoft Windows Support

Stardock Start8 can be downloaded for a small fee, but you can check it out for 30 days with its free trial. Start8 has a familiar, simple design but is easily customizable. One of these options allows you to have the Metro Start Screen pop up as a menu.

Power8 is another free app. It also offers a familiar look and feel to previous Windows Start menus. It has a small file size and is customizable, however you will need to know how to do coding to customize this opensource software.

StartMenu8 also is a free app and has been compared to the style of the early Linux apps. StartMenu8 will automatically skip the Windows 8 Start screen and go straight to the Desktop. You also can choose to disable the Windows 8 Sidebar as well.

Be cautious when downloading StartMenu8. It will include other software that is bundled with it if you don’t read through the instructions carefully.

If you run into problems downloading and installing a new Start Menu and Button, you can look for Frequently Asked Questions pages on the website for the software you choose to download. If that does not help you with your situations, then you can contact a company that offers Microsoft Windows Support. It will have experts that have been trained in Windows 8 to help you with just about any problem you have.

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