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Working From Home? Why You Should Use A VPN Series – Part 1

In this three-part series, worldwide technical support service provider McHelper addresses the safety concerns of millions of business people who have had to make the abrupt transition to working remotely.  The COVID-19 pandemic has forced most of the American business community to make the transition to a work-from-home environment. With most companies ill-prepared for a pandemic, employees are having to navigate new waters, leaving their employers and themselves vulnerable to cybercrime.  In part one of the series, we discuss VPN or Virtual Private Networking. A VPN adds a security layer … Continue reading

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Turn A Windows PC Into A Mini Home Wireless Network

A home wireless network doesn’t need to be complicated to set up. In fact, if you just want something simple and easy and aren’t concerned with having a high level of security or more than a few devices connected to the network, you can turn a Windows PC into a WiFi hotspot by using one of a few choices of free software. To set this up, the basics are pretty much the same for all three software programs: just download the program, follow the instructions, and hit “Start.” You do … Continue reading

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Setting Up A Home Wireless Network

A home wireless network is becoming almost a necessity with so many electronic devices that need to access the Internet or share files without having to use a wired connection. Between laptops, tablets, video game systems, smartphones, and Internet televisions or video-streaming devices, things will be so much easier for you if you set up a home wireless network. Setting up a wireless network at home can be done by the person with average tech skills. Even if you don’t think you can do this on your own, you don’t … Continue reading

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