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I am happy with your services.

Anand K.    Australia   

Thank you so much for your support this morning.and putting my mind at rest.

Caroline K.    Australia   

The service given by Jay was very helpful.


Renae H.    Australia   

Im fully satisfied that my with the help that mchelper has provided me.

Sam W.    Australia   

I have been very impressed with the excellent service I have received today.


Robyn S.    Australia   

Very helpful assistant and thank you for the help.

Osman H.    USA   

thanks for your help all now working fine

Kathy D.    Australia   

I have appreciation for the actions of your assistants in, hopefuly, repairing my e-mail account.
The young man who worked on my email account, certainly knew what he was doing.

Yours truly

Alan T.    UK   

Ricky was helpful with my concerns and the tech team, to my knowledge have solved my problem.

Jessamy F.    Australia   

thanks very helpful

Peter M.    Australia   

i was very impressed with monica who guided me through this maze & look forward to future dealings.

Barry T.    Australia   

Thankyou Jennifer for your wonderful help...... and the technicians as well what wonderful assistance you have all been... Thankyou...

Suzanne P.    Australia   

Shaun very helpful.

Luke B.    UK   

I am very happy with the service that I have received

Sue H.    UK   

happy with service and excellent technician support

Kenneth R.    Australia   

MCHelper has been extremely helpful and clear a pleasure to work with.

Patricia M.    USA   

Jay has been fantastic in solving my problem

Wendy G.    UK   

I am very gratefull for all the help I have received this evening, much appreciated

Jayne F.    Australia   

James was very helpful and explained how it has been resolved.

Mick P.    UK   

My problem was solved. Have been very pleased with the work James has done for me today it has been great, top marks go to him Thank you so much.

Kathleen K.    Australia   

I am happy with the service I received.

Richelle S.    Australia   

Excellent support from tech guys. Have been very patient.

Lynne A.    Australia   

My problem was solved. James was very supportive with my needs.

Loraine H.    Australia   

I thank James for his fantastic help and work,and i recommend him ,and thank him for his passion and a brilliant service.

Johann T.    Australia   

Thank you for your help.

Jacob B.    USA   

I am happy with the service. Thanks for the courteous response.

Bill M.    USA   

I am happy with the service I received.

Richelle S.    Australia   

I appreciate all the help given to me today.

Jane C.    Australia   

techinal support was great and was very patience
thank you

Norma P.    Australia   

I was very satisfied with your service and representative.

Joan O.    USA   

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