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Browser Support Often Needed To Keep Browsers Secure

Browser security is often critical  to keep computers and servers free from malware, so you need to ensure that you or your browser support team regularly check on the security of your Web browsers.

A Web browser is the software used to surf the Internet. It can become a security issue because it accesses the Internet and interacts with numerous websites. Some of these websites could be harboring malware that can be loaded unto your computer by a website’s script.

A script is a small program on a website. These are common and are used for numerous processes, such as playing a video or displaying a slideshow. These can install a malware program on your computer as well.

Malware can be removed once it is detected, but these often can be difficult to detect. It is better to block the malware before it gets on your computer, but, if it does sneak past all security measures, you want to be able to detect it before it does some real damage.

First of all, to block as many attacks as possible, make sure your browser software is updated to keep up with any security holes that have been fixed by the makers of the browser. The same goes for plugins or add-ons. When you get alerts for updates that have arrived, be sure to add them as soon as you can.

Also, be careful about adding new plugins or add-ons. Be sure that the source for it is trustworthy. In general, you should avoid adding too many plugins or add-ons. The more you have, the more possibilities there are that one will leave your browser vulnerable to an attack.

Security software can help you provide browser support services

You should also consider using software that will tell you if a site is secure when you use a search engine. Many antivirus software programs include this feature, however, if you do not have this as an option, you could use the Web of Trust program, which tells you which sites are rated safe by placing a green circular symbol next to the name of the Web page on a Google search.

If you use Internet Explorer, you can protect yourself further by turning on the Phishing Filter in the Tools menu. This will tell you when a website is not what it appears to be.

You also can increase the Security Settings in the Internet Options menu. The default recommended level is “Medium-high.” You can change this to “High,” but this will prevent any scripts from running unless you add websites or whole domains to the Trusted Sites Zone, which allows these specific sites to run scripts.

For FireFox, you could use add-ons such as NoScript or Adblock Plus. NoScript prevents scripts from running without your permission. Adblock Plus blocks various types of advertising that could be dangerous.

If you would like to test how secure your website is, you could try software that will test your browser for vulnerabilities. Ones available include Browserscope,, PC Flank, Qualys BrowserCheck, and Scanit Brower Security Check.

If you would like someone more qualified to ensure your browser security, you can always hire a computer tech support company that offers browser support services.

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