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Browser Support Often Needed To Keep Browsers Secure

Browser security is often critical  to keep computers and servers free from malware, so you need to ensure that you or your browser support team regularly check on the security of your Web browsers. A Web browser is the software used to surf the Internet. It can become a security issue because it accesses the Internet and interacts with numerous websites. Some of these websites could be harboring malware that can be loaded unto your computer by a website’s script.

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Browser Support May Be Needed To Ensure Plugins Are Secure

Most browser support experts agree that one of the most common threats to security with your Web browser are the plugins that are added to them. These are programs that are added to your browsers to enhance your browsing experience and run things like audio or video right in your browser window. The problem is that as the browsers have become more difficult for malware to breach, those trying to gain access to your information have begun exploiting opportunities that are more readily available with plugins. These plugins include things … Continue reading

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Google No Longer Providing Browser Support For IE8

On November 15, 2012, Google pulled its browser support for Internet Explorer 8. This means that users of this browser have received messages telling them to update their browser when they attempt to access Google Apps services ever since the switch. Google announced the change in September. This was in response to Microsoft announcing that Internet Explorer 10 would be coming out in October. Apparently, Google is unwilling to provide browser support for more than two versions of a browser. Its own Google Chrome automatically updates itself to the latest … Continue reading

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Speed Up Your Surfing With Browser Support

Speed is everything as far as the Internet is concerned, so when the World Wide Web begins to slow down, it may be time to look into browser support. Many people fault their Internet Service Provider or their computer for pages loading slowly or videos stopping when the cause may actually be the fault of their Web browsers. When your occupation involves constantly surfing the Internet, getting your browser optimized is critical for you to be productive. A business owner could lose income and an employee could become less productive … Continue reading

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