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Computer Tech Support Not Needed To Stress-Test CPU

If you’re wanting to test the capabilities of a new CPU or one that has been overclocked, you don’t need to get computer tech support services. You can do it yourself with some software and a lot of time.

To test a CPU, you will want to do what is called a stress test or torture test. This is just like it sounds. It puts the CPU through an extreme workload to see if it will fail at some point.

The harder a CPU works, the more heat it generates. CPUs have heat sinks that dissipate heat and fans that cool them down, but under extreme conditions, they could still overheat. Other parts of a computer could overheat as well and not all of them will automatically shut down before they get fried, so it is important to monitor the temperature of the CPU and other critical parts of a computer.

You’ll need software that will monitor temperatures during the test. Both HWMonitor Basic and SpeedFan work well for this. Both are free and will display temperatures of critical systems.

You also will need software to perform the stress test. Your choices include OCCT and Prime95, which is a program that is actually designed to find Mersenne Prime numbers, but is so effective at stressing computers, it actually has a Torture Test mode in the program for those just wanting to do a stress test instead of search for Mersenne Prime numbers.

Computer tech support can help you test your CPU

Make sure to have HWMonitor or SpeedFan running before starting the stress test. You will want to make sure your CPU doesn’t get hotter than 70 degrees Celsius. Your graphics card should not be hotter than 105 degrees Celsius. If either get too hot, stop the test and allow them to cool down.

You will want to run the test for at least two hours, but allowing it to run overnight will be ideal to get the most accurate results. This will help you to figure out if this CPU is one you can count on.

Prime95 also can stress test your RAM on your computer, so you can kill two birds with one stone, if you like, by selecting a blended test in the options when setting it up.

OCCT also will report on the temperature of the CPU and will provide graphics showing how the CPU did on the test.

If you do find errors or other problems in the results for the test, what you can do about it varies depending on what errors show up. This is where a good computer tech support company can help. They can evaluate the results and help you determine the best way to go from here.

If you’re not comfortable doing the stress test yourself, a computer tech support company can help you with that as well.

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