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Try Simple Fixes Before Getting Computer Tech Support

Have you recently gotten the dreaded “Blue Screen of Death?” You may not need to get computer tech support. Try some simple fixes first before looking for professional help. Even if they don’t fix the problem, you can gain some valuable information that will help speed up the process of fixing your computer when you do get computer tech support. When you do get the blue screen, write down the error message that tells you what the problem is. These messages can be cryptic and confusing, but it may prove … Continue reading

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Demand For Email Support To Increase After Announcement

The need for email support will be on the rise after it was announced on Wednesday, February 20, that Microsoft was going to combine Hotmail with Outlook, which was introduced last year. This will affect some 300 million users of Hotmail, who will be required to switch to Outlook by the of summer 2013. The good news is that Hotmail customers will be able to keep their same email address. This is especially important for businesses that have been marketing with their Hotmail address. The biggest difference will be in the … Continue reading

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Be Wary Of Unsolicited Microsoft Windows Support Calls

Have you or someone you know received a call from someone claiming to be from Microsoft Windows support? Don’t take it seriously. In this age of modern technology, scammers are finding increasingly creative ways to take advantage of unsuspecting consumers. These scammers love to prey on the fears of people who don’t have the technical expertise to protect themselves. In this latest scam, the perpetrator calls someone and claims to be from Microsoft Windows Support. He tells the unsuspecting person that her computer has been infected with some malicious software … Continue reading

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BK Hack Shows Importance Of Computer And Internet Security

The importance of computer and Internet security was on display when Burger King’s official Twitter account was hacked. This was reported by CNET News on Monday, February 18, 2013. The fast-food chain’s account was changed to display the name and logo of McDonald’s, which is Burger King’s biggest direct competition. The compromised account sent out tweets that included racial epithets to over 80,000 followers. It also claimed to be sold to McDonald’s because “the whopper flopped.” The Whopper is a hamburger that is sold by Burger King. The company was … Continue reading

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Speed Up Your Surfing With Browser Support

Speed is everything as far as the Internet is concerned, so when the World Wide Web begins to slow down, it may be time to look into browser support. Many people fault their Internet Service Provider or their computer for pages loading slowly or videos stopping when the cause may actually be the fault of their Web browsers. When your occupation involves constantly surfing the Internet, getting your browser optimized is critical for you to be productive. A business owner could lose income and an employee could become less productive … Continue reading

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Getting Your Money’s Worth With Computer Tech Support

With so many computer choices out on the market, you would think that bringing one home and getting started would be easy. For many people it is, but for some, computer tech support is very helpful with this start-up process. Let’s face it, not everyone who knows how to use a computer understands the set-up or knows how to take off all those factory installed offers. What kind of wireless speed will be sufficient for your household needs? How do you set up a modem? Can I use more than one wireless … Continue reading

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Computer Tech Support Now Easier Than Ever

After spending about $700 on a laptop computer, the last thing you expect is to have any kind of repairs that need to be done to it. We spend so much time researching, reading reviews from consumers and comparing laptops to see where we can get the best deal. Once you bring your product to the cash register, then you have to decide if you’re going to pay for the extra levels of computer tech support that is being offered. What started out as a $700 computer can quickly turn … Continue reading

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